Call for Participants

Thank you for your interest in the Quitting Social Media project. We’d love to hear about your experiences quitting – or trying to cut back on – social media.

Participation in this research can take multiple forms. We invite readers to complete a short and fully confidential online survey. The survey takes just 10 minutes to complete, and your responses will help us better understand the practices and motivations around social media withdrawal.

You can also schedule a one-on-one interview about your social media use and retreat by using contact form or emailing us on quittingsocialmedia [at]

The Quitting Social Media project seeks to explore how people negotiate the pleasures and pressures of being social with technology, and to locate continuities and differences in people’s encounters with social media use and disillusionment. To facilitate this understanding we wish to engage with participants of all ages and backgrounds. We are especially keen to hear from anyone who:

  • has considered quitting social media;
  • is taking or has taken a temporary break from social media use;
  • has decided to permanently stop using a specific social media service(s)
  • has participated in a digital detox programme (formal or informal)
  • is concerned about the potentially negative effects of social media use;
  • has stopped using a smartphone.

Thank you for contributing to this research!

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